CNC Turning & Wire Erosion

CA Models operates four CNC turning machines.  These machines are consistently in demand by our customers in the defence, motor sport, medical device, product design and particularly, aerospace and oil and gas industries.  

Typically, the above industries require a vast range of specialised turned parts as well as other precision parts that can be produced by wire erosion.

Often referred to as electrical discharge machining (EDM), wire erosion is a manufacturing process whereby a solid piece of material such as steel* is cut out using electrical discharges (sparks) to produce a precision component. 

CA Models AQ537L provides outstanding accuracy and capability making it popular for cutting punches and dies for the tool making process.

 * other materials examples; titanium, aluminum, copper, brass and carbide.


Our CNC Turning and Wire Erosion machines

 A 4-Axis cnc mori 2500/700 Lathe being manually operated by a skilled cnc operator
4-Axis DMG MORI NL 2500/700 Lathe
DMG MORI NLX 2000 Lathe being operated by an engineer
DMG MORI NLX 2000 Lathe
 A Harrison M300 manual Lathe working on an oil and gas component
Harrison M300 Manual Lathe
Sodick Wire Eroder being operated by an engineer
Sodick Wire Eroder AQ537L
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