Multi-Material MultiJet 3D Printing

Multi material polyjet 3D Printing is the process of simultaneously jetting multiple types of materials to create a single component. 

CA Models currently houses an Objet500 Connex, with the ability to 3D print in VeroWhite (plastic) and TangoBlack (rubber) in a variety of shore hardness.  The envelope size of the machine is 500mm x 400mm x 200mm. 

This machine is manufactured and maintained by SYS Systems.





Our Multi Material 3D Printing machine

multi material 3d printing machine that can 3d print multiple materials simultaneously
Connex 500
rapid prototyping machine that 3d prints using a multi material process
Connex 500 building samples
Connex multi-material 3d printing machine during process printing a 3d model
Connex 500 samples
multi material 3d printing machine that can manufacture a rapid prototype made of various 3d printing materials
Connex 500 (1)
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